Our Story

The idea of Vapore Skin Co popped into my head when I decided to experiment with making my own skincare products. I know, DIY skincare has its risks but the market sadly didn't have what my skin needed at the time. I don't suffer from acne, instead I get unpleasant sebhorrheic dermatitis around my nose and eyebrow area! Unfortunately for me the condition is hereditary so there wasn't much I could do except be extra careful of what I put on my skin to avoid making it any worse.
I've tried so many different products over the years in an attempt to keep the dermatitis under control, some products would work but they were either too expensive or contained very harsh ingredients, most times they were both! I also hated looking at long ingredient lists and having no clue which ingredients were helping my skin and which ones weren't. Don’t get me started on the packaging.
At that point I became frustrated, so I started doing my research about skincare, ingredients and the skincare industry as a whole. In the end was shocked at the number of potentially irritating ingredients being marketed as "gentle" or "safe". So after a period of trialling formulas I've finally found a gentle combination of ingredients that not only improved my seborrheic dermatitis but actually made my skin feel healthier and naturally glowy (even blackheads and milia were gone) - yep, I had that eureka moment! 
Gentle, effective and without the unnecessary. The way skincare should be.