Copper Gua Sha FAQ

How is a copper gua sha different from all the other gua shas on the market?

Many practitioners consider copper to be the best material for gua sha tools. Compared to crystal and stone materials, copper is unparalleled with its anti-bacterial properties, durability and recyclability. We use premium medical-grade copper to ensure there is zero risk for people with skin allergies.

Owning a copper gua sha means you’ll never have to worry about accidental drops and chipping.

If used and maintained properly, your gua sha will last forever. Guaranteed.

How do I use my copper gua sha?

We recommend using your copper gua sha on a cleansed face and after you apply your serums and face oils to provide easy slippage.

See the diagram below on how to use your gua sha on the face.

How do I clean my copper gua sha?

After each use, we recommend wiping off any product residue from your copper gua sha first, then clean it with a quick spray of vinegar and wiping with a soft cloth. For a deeper clean, soak your copper gua sha in a small bowl with an equal mix of vinegar and warm water for a few minutes then allow it to dry naturally. Using vinegar can also prevent your copper gua sha from tarnishing and having that funky metal smell.

Can I put it in the refrigerator?

Since copper is naturally cold to touch, refrigerating your copper gua sha isn’t necessary.

Why are copper massage tools more expensive?

Copper massage tools are relatively more expensive due to market demand and value. Copper is considered to be a valuable metal and is constantly in high demand due to its amazing physical and metaphysical properties.