How do I use the SILKY SMOOTH Face Oil in my skincare routine?

We recommend applying a pea-size amount (3-4 small drops) of the SILKY SMOOTH Face Oil after applying a serum or after cleansing by itself. You can apply the oil in the morning and evening.

How is the SILKY SMOOTH Face Oil different from other face oils on the market?

Our SILKY SMOOTH Face Oil is made up of olive squalane and MCT oil (caprylic acid), the formula is naturally colourless, odourless, ultra-lightweight and especially suitable for skin that is prone to fungal acne.

Unlike a number of face oils on the market, our serum is not blended with essential oils and has NO added fragrance, cheap fillers or other potential skin irritants.

What can I expect from using it?

Our SILKY SMOOTH Face Oil works to deliver an extra layer of moisture, hydration, nourishment and protection for your skin from the first use - without making you look like an oil slick.

Is it multi-tasking?

Yes! You can also use the SILKY SMOOTH Face Oil as an oil cleanser, body oil or hand/cuticle oil. 

Will I experience a skin "purge"?

Purging may occur when skin is introduced to new skincare products that contain potent ingredients. Your skin may experience a temporary purge, meaning that any hidden congestion in your skin will be brought to the surface to heal. Don't stress!! Purges are temporary and generally only last for 2 weeks and afterwards your skin will come out the other end better than ever!

Is it suitable for my skin type?

The SILKY SMOOTH Face Oil is suitable for ALL skin types including oily, dry and sensitive skin. 

Is it suitable for my skin concerns?

Yes. The SILKY SMOOTH Face Oil is non-irritating and will work to soothe and assist in healing damaged and inflamed skin barriers. 

How long does the bottle last?

1 bottle will last approximately 3-4 months if used twice a day as suggested.

Can I use the serum during pregnancy?

Absolutely! All our products are 100% pure and made without the nasty chemicals and irritants known to cause pregnancy disruptions.