Silky Smooth Face Oil

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Our multi-tasking Silky Smooth Face Oil is unlike most oils on the market. Created for all skin types and a multitude of skin concerns including fungal acne, this lightweight and hydrating face oil nourishes and protects your skin all year round without the oily look. 

  • Easily absorbable
  • Ideal for both morning and evening skincare rituals
  • Suitable as an oil cleanser, hand/body moisturiser or cuticle oil

Only 3-4 small drops twice a day is all you need!

Ingredients and their benefits:

Olive squalane- a stable oil that provides excellent moisture and hydration for your skin without congesting your pores. Squalane is naturally odourless, colourless and anti-bacterial.

MCT oil (Caprylic acid)- derived from coconuts, caprylic acid found in MCT oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. MCT oil is clear, odourless, lightweight and nourishes your skin without congesting your pores.

For more information about our face oil please see our FAQ page